Pepper grinder

From the album Ruhig

I used 5 flashes for this image, and used quite some time to figure out how exactly to place them so they light exactly the way I wanted.

1st flash, 1/8th power, camera left slightly behind object facing N-E to bounce off a 45° horizontal wall

2nd flash, 1/2 power with orange gel, camera left, left of object, slightly higher, bouce off ceiling

3rd flash, 1/128 power (i think, may be wrong) camera left, in front of object (about 45°) with 60cm softbox, giving specular reflection on the object and on the background

4rd flash, 1/128 power, above the object, facing directly the object

5th flash, about 1/4 power (not sure how much exactly) with a full CTB, camera right, right of object facing right, bouncing off the wall. there were some objects in the way so only the upper part of the wall got lit.

3 YN560, 1 SB28, 1 SB25, YN602 trigger and with one on slave.